Heshan® Fresh Instant Noodle Production Line

Heshan Fresh Instant Noodle Production Line

Precooked Fresh Instant Noodle Production Line

The process flow of the fresh noodle production line is as follows: Flour → Automatic liquid preparation → Vacuum kneading → Dough maturation → Compound rolling → Dough setting → Continuous rolling → Quantification → Cooking → Constant temperature and humidity adjustment → Cutting → Automatic packaging - finished product. 


The entire dough mixing process of this production line is carried out in a fully enclosed vacuum container, which can realize automatic quantitative water injection, automatic opening and closing of the lid, automatic flipping and unloading, automatic pumping and releasing of vacuum, and the dough mixing speed is variable frequency; the kneading time can be set according to process needs.

The mixed dough then enters the belt aging feeder. Not only can this equipment fully realize the static aging of dough, but also can automatically, continuously and evenly feed materials to the compound calender through photoelectric control, with good dough aging effect and less material residue. The calendering unit generally has 7-8 pairs of rollers. The entire calendering process is fully automatic and intelligently controlled through photoelectric switches. It is also equipped with multiple emergency stop buttons to ensure the safety of the operator.

The dough aging process is equipped with a dough aging machine, which can promote the further maturation of the dough and relieve the stress caused by rolling.