Pressure Steaming Type 

Heshan® Hakka Instant Noodle Machines 

- Dry Instant Noodle Production Line

The non-fried dry hakka instant noodle production line (Assembly of heated-air-dried instant noodle machines), features the batch high pressure steaming unit operation consists of the steps of dough kneading, dough setting, compound and continuous dough sheet rolling/pressing, noodle strip slitting, noodle strip length cutting and noodle block boxing, steaming tray stacking, batch pressure cooking, heated-air-drying, cooling, finally packaging. The complete set of the hakka noodle machine is either fully automated such as dough making and noodle strip cutting, or manually assisted mechanized operation like the loading the layer stacks of noodle tray arrays into the pressure cookers.

In the dry hokka instant noodle production line, flour and water are mixed, and after automatic dough making, dough resting, compound pressing and continuous rolling to form the dough sheet, which is cut into noodle shreds and automatically put inside the plastic boxes; after stacking, they are sent into the high-pressure steamers of the instant noodle machine assembly. After steaming time for 2 or 3 Minutes, the stretchiness and flexibility of the steamed noodles are significantly increased and products are more thoroughly sterilized, extending the shelf life. After the noodles are steamed, they are placed in the metal noodle boxes, which carry the noodles into the heated-air dryer for drying. The drying time is about 40 minutes. Output capacity of one hakka instant noodle dryer is from 250 kg to 1200 kg per hour.

Due to the use of autoclave instant noodles cooking machine, the degree of ɑ gelatinization is effectively improved. The product has a beautiful appearance, is slightly yellowish and semitransparent; the re-hydrated or cooked noodles have an elastic and refreshing texture; the noodle soup is not muddy and highly appetizing.

Hot air dried instant noodles making machine

▶️ Dry instant noodles making machine

Hot air drying instant noodles dehydrates and dries the steamed noodles at 70℃-90℃, so it is not prone to oxidation and rancidity, has a long shelf life and is low in cost. However, due to its low drying temperature, long time, and low gelatinization degree, the rehydration time is longer.