Heshan  Turnkey Projects

Instant Noodle Production Line Turnkey Projects

Heshan® Ramen Instant Noodle Production Line Makes Up To 1 Million Cups Per Day!

This is the standard fried ramen instant noodle production line. The final product of this line is fried instant noodles packed in bowls. The production line processes up to 45 tons of wheat flour per day. We adopted the most up to date technology and the process is fully automatic. Only 14 operators are needed to run the whole instant noodle plant. 

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Heshan®  Instant Noodle Production Line In Germany: Heated-air-drying Process

Heated-air-dried, non-fried instant noodle production line built by us -this production line features vacuum dough mixing, multi-layer steamer and multi-layer heated-air-dryer. The product instant noodles have to be cooked for 4-6 minutes before serving. Dry instant noodles are healthier and less expensive to produce. 

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Starch Vermicelli Noodle Production Line & Rice Glass Noodle Machine Project

Rice, corn, bean, potato, starch, or other starch are used as the raw material to make cellophane vermicelli. Our instant rice noodle production makes instant rice noodles   

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Yee Mee Instant Noodle Production Line: Traditional Noodles Making

Yee Mee, or Yee-Fu Noodles, which are made into a kind of golden brown, crispy, and smooth taste noodles with flour as raw material. The Yee Mee noodle production line  is the fried instant noodle machine with ancient ingredients.   

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Wet Lai Rice Instant Noodle Production Lineoject: Fresh Jelly Noodle Making 

Our automatic fresh Seto rice noodle machine, lai rice noodle production line (rice noodle machine) makes lai rice noodles. The fresh rice instant noodle machine makes fresh or frozen jelly rice noodles and rice rolls. 

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Nigerian Chin Chin Production Line, Coated Peanut Frying Machines, Etc.

A large scale chin chin processing line we built in Nigeria, featuring the deep fry Process and multi-head packaging system.  The process is somewhat like that of the instant noodle production line. 

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