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Beef/Chicken/Seafood Flavor Instant Noodle Seasoning Recipe

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Mushroom Flavor Seasoning Packet Recipe

A. Composition of raw material components, by mass percentage

B. Raw material preparation

Deodorization and ammonium reduction treatment of Enoki mushroom pickling liquid: Roughly filter the Enoki mushroom pickling liquid through four layers of gauze and let it stand at 4°C for clarification. Take the supernatant and adjust the pH to 9.0 with 1 mol/L sodium hydroxide aqueous solution. Boil at 98°C for 25 minutes, then adjust pH to 4.8 with 1 mol/L lactic acid aqueous solution, and cool to room temperature naturally;

After the odor removal and ammonium salt reduction treatment, the enoki mushroom pickling liquid is vacuum concentrated for 25 minutes at a vacuum degree of 90kPa, a rotation speed of 75r/min, and a temperature of 80°C, and then centrifuged to obtain the enoki mushroom pickling concentrate;

Use four layers of gauze to kill the enoki mushroom water, let it stand at 10°C for clarification, take the supernatant, and concentrate it for 2 hours at a temperature of 80°C and a vacuum of 90kPa. Before vacuum concentration, add 0.2‰ of L-cysteine and sodium erythorbate. 0.3% and disodium ethylenediaminetetraacetate 0.1‰, to obtain the concentrated liquid of Enoki velutipes killing water and cooking water; wherein the percentages are the mass of the total amount of fresh edible mushroom killing water and boiling water. Percent content.

Prepare the spice liquid by mass parts from the following raw material components: 5 parts of star anise, 3 parts of fennel, 10 parts of cinnamon, 6 parts of tangerine peel, 8 parts of pepper, 2 parts of grass fruit, 6 parts of dried ginger, and 6 parts of licorice parts, add 1500 parts of water to cook and concentrate to 1000 parts.

C. Modulation

Mix 40% enoki mushroom pickling concentrate and 40% enoki mushroom pickled water concentrate according to mass percentage, add 4.0% spice cooking liquid, 6.0% salt, 3.0% brown sugar, 4.5% chicken essence, and flavored nucleotide disodium 0.8%, caramel pigment 1.1%, xanthan gum 0.2%, capsicum red pigment 0.4%, use a colloid mill for micronization, and then homogenize twice at 65°C; use the above prepared mixed solution at 140°C Perform high-temperature instant sterilization for 3 seconds to obtain the condiment.