Heshan is a turnkey plant builder providing food processing machines including ramen noodles line, non-fried ramen noodles line, dried ramen noodles line, fresh wudon & ramen noodles line, starch/rice vermcelli noodles line, fried snacks line, and conveying and packaging system.

We manufacture fully automatic food processing machines and build turnkey factories around the world. All our noodle machines are made of stainless steel and other high-quality engineering materials. Our expertise in PLC technology ensures the advanced functionality and reliability of automatic control systems. Even for batch operations that traditionally involve a lot of physical labor, we use robotic arms to do most of the work. Despite this, we still provide manual operated food machines and production line to meet all aspects of market demand.

Fried Instant Ramen Noodles Line

Heshan® Fried instant ramen noodles line is a complete set of fully automatic food processing machines. There are two types of instant noodle production lines: instant cup noodles line and instant bag noodles line. These lines are compatible to Nissin, Indomie and Maggi noodle processing lines and are used to produce instant noodles with various flavors namely, chicken soup, beef, seafoods, etc.

Heshan encourages you to clarify their requirements for fried ramen production lines. The following tips are helpful as you make your decision:

Technical Points Of Heshan® Fried Instant Ramen Noodles Line

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Dried Ramen & Hakka Noodles Line

▶️ Dried instant ramen noodles line

This is an easy-to-cook dry noodles processing line. It is different from the non-fried instant noodle line in that the starch gelatinization degree of the product noodles is relatively low, and the dry noodles usually need to be boiled for 4-5 minutes before serving.

We manufacture various Heshan® dry noodle processing lines that can achieve fully automatic, semi-automatic or batch operation. Dry noodles made by our machine are very convenient for cooking Hakka noodles, chowmein, stir-fried noodles and other noodle dishes.

Technical Points Of Dry Ramen Noodles Line

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Non-Fried Instant Ramen Noodles Line

Heshan® non-fried high-efficiency drying instant noodles line is a product combined with more than 20 years of experience of our team of engineers. The entire noodles line has the characteristics of full automation, high efficiency, energy saving, compact structure and easy maintenance. We can customize noodle processing lines according to customers' requirements.

The production process of Heshan non-fried instant noodles is basically the same as that of fried instant noodles. The main difference is that in terms of dehydration and maturation of the noodles, micro-puffing process and hot air drying process are used instead of high-temperature frying technology. Because it has not been fried, it is more beneficial to health.

Main technical advantages

We have two types of dough mixer designs for customers to choose from, one is a regular dough mixer and the other is a vacuum mixer. Both models use twin-shaft mixers to automatically control the mixing ratio of powder to water.

Using a variable frequency speed-adjustable dual-axis dough mixer and Heshan's patented technology dough mixer shaft, the dough press has an optimized rolling ratio to form the best gluten network in the dough. Each pressure roller has independent transmission and frequency control, and the most advanced laser induction controls the speed with high stability.

Using hot air circulation drying, it is energy-saving and efficient. Double-row steel-aluminum composite heat exchanger, large heat exchange area and good heat exchange effect. Using a special centrifugal fan, the air volume is large, the air pressure is high, the air speed is fast, and the drying hot air has strong penetration.

Multi-temperature zone dryer with automatic temperature control to meet the production process requirements of temperature requirements in different time periods. Heshan's patented conveyor sprocket positioning device ensures smooth operation of the noodle box without the chain falling or turning over. The dryer operates stably.

Instant Noodles Production Line Flow-sheet

Three kinds of technologies are provided by Heshan Machinery Co., Ltd. to produce the non-fried instant noodles. You can choose one of them according to your specific situation.

I. Twice Steaming (Cold Water Blanching) + High Temperature Drying

Flour Mixing → Aging → Dough Sheet Calendering → Noodle Cutting → Steaming (I) → Cold Water Blanching → Steaming (II) → Length Cutting & Noodle Block Shaping → High Temperature Hot-Air Drying → Cooling → Packing

II. Cooling + Hot-Air Drying

Flour Mixing → Aging → Dough Sheet Calendering → Noodle Cutting → Steaming → Length Cutting & Noodle Block Shaping → Freezing → Hot-Air Drying → Cooling → Packing

III. Microwave + Hot-Air Drying

Flour Mixing → Aging → Dough Sheet Calendering → Noodle Cutting → Steaming → Length Cutting & Noodle Block Shaping → Microwave → Hot-Air Drying → Cooling → Packing


Process Flow Diagram



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Fresh Wudon & Hakka Noodles Line

▶️ Fresh Wudon and Hakka noodles line

Heshan provides the fresh Wudon and Hakka noodles line that includes automatic feeding machine, vacuum or normal pressure dough kneading machine, precooking machine of continuous steaming or boiling, and cooling machine. The process is fully automatic. This noodle line makes Wudon noodles, Hakka noodles, and all types of fresh Asian ramen and Italian pasta spaghetti noodles. The fresh noodles produced by our fresh instant noodles line are fresh, refreshing and nicely chewy.

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Starch/Rice Vermicelli Noodles Line

▶️ Rice vermicelli noodles line
Folding-bundled rice vermicelli noodle line - steamed pelletized feed stuff extrusion process

We are among the earliest of providers of the rice noodle machine and the rice stick noodles line. After the rice stick noodles are extruded they are steamed. Then the noodles are hanged on the hangers and dehydrated by hot air. The drying process is under comparatively lower temperature. The Heshan Rice Stick Noodle Line produces Rice stick noodles through a series of process from semi-automatic to highly automatic.

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