Automatic Instant Noodle Production Line Noodle Shredding Operation Guide

The working principle of the fully automatic instant noodle production line is the rotation of the rollers regulated by the gears of each part of the noodle machines driven by the motor and reducer to press the dough into a certain thickness. In this way, we can gently adjust the handwheels at both ends of the dough rollers to the expected scale. Pay attention to the gaps on both sides of the pressing rollers. They must be the same scale, otherwise the dough will go astray. The instant noodle production line is equipped with a noodle cutter assembly, where the pressed continous dough sheet is cut into noodles. Different noodle knives can be configured to cut different noodles of different diameters. You can also set the length of the automatic noodle length cutter according to your needs.

The thickness and shape of the noodles produced by the instant noodle production line are determined by the specifications of the noodle knife used. Commonly used noodle knives include 1~2 mm round noodle knives and square knives. So you can make different noodles by changing different noodle cutters.

When using the automatic instant noodle production line, you should pay attention to the following to avoid improper use that may cause damage to the machine or risk to personnel.