The Production Line Makes Up To A Million Cups Of Instant Noodles Per Day! We built many similar turnkey plants in India, Indonesia and Germany.

Instant Noodle Production Line:

Heshan's Ramen Making Solutions

We are Heshan Machinery Co., Ltd., an ISO9001 quality system certified instant noodle making machine manufacturer, turnkey plant builder and supplier of accessories for instant noodle industry. We make dried noodles production line, fried instant noodles production line, vermicelli noodles production line that make starch/rice cellophane vermicelli glass noodles, and fried snack processing lines. And we build turnkey plants in China, India, other Asian countries and everywhere in the world. Details of our products are listed in the Data Sheets Of Instant Noodles Production Line. Showcases of our instant noodle turnkey plants are on Heshan YouTube Channel.

Instant Noodle Making Machines: Production Process Description

The working principle of the instant noodles production line is to mix flour and water, and then press the dough into a thin sheet and cut it into pasta noodles. Slurry dough sheet spreading and slurry colandering methods are suitable to process starch and wet milled rice to make vermicelli glass noodles. Optionally pasta extrusion process can be used instead of aforementioned dough calendering, slurry spreading or colandering methods.

 Dough Mixing & Calendering

In the instant noodle production line, the dough mixing & calendering methods use dough mixer to knead the dough by stirring wheat flour or durum wheat semolina, saline water and other ingredients in an usually vacuumed container; and then the dough is calendered into a continuous dough sheet by rollers and cut into thin pasta noodles.

Slurry Sheeting & Colandering

In the traditional rice vermicelli noodle production line and in the modern instant rice noodle production line, the dough slurry is spread to form a continuous sheet and after cooked and pre-dried, the pasta sheet is shredded into long product vermicelli or rice sticks, or short products such as rice ada flakes ( Heshan rice ada production line ). Some Asian mie, bihun products are made with a colander to drip the flowing lines of dough slurry, into boiling water. 

Dough & Slurry Machines

In the instant noodle production line the follow processing units are involved:

Heshan® Modern Extruders

Heshan's modern extruders with quick remount die plate which replace the aforementioned methods of dough sheet calendering, slurry sheet spreading and slurry colandering, can process a variety of grains flour and starch to make traditional fresh or dry vermicelli noodles, and modern instant noodles. Heshan has built rice vermicelli production lines and non-fried instant noodles production line featuring extrusion technology.

Our extruders are with fast mount die plate that can be replaced within 15 minutes. They are suitable for starch/rice vermicelli noodle production lines and non-fried wheat ramen instant noodle production lines, as well as Italian pasta lines.

Final Product Processing

The products are optionally steamed (e.g. Heshan® instant noodle steaming machine) or boiled and the fresh wet noodles can be the final products; they can be dehydrated via deep-frying or heated-air-drying, and turned into dry products. There are also dried and fresh wet products that are uncooked. Heshan® stick noodles production line makes uncooked dried noodles that are convenient to us e and taste exactly the same as the traditional Italian and Chinese sun-dried-spaghetti stick noodles.

We make both multi-layer steamers and single layer steamers for the fried and hot-air-dried instant noodles production line. Boiling cookers are usually for the precooked fresh instant noodles production line. Pressure steamers can be used to improve noodle and vermicelli product texture and they are usually a part of the rice vermicelli noodle production line. Non-fried instant noodles can also be made by instant noodles production line with pressure cookers.

Deep fryers and heated-air-dryers dehydrate the vermicelli and noodles so that they can be stored for years in room temperature without deterioration in product qualities. They are the core of the fried instant noodles production line.

We provide cooling chambers to cool the food stuff during processing and for final product cooling before packaging. These are enclosed or opened conveyor systems with cooling fans installed.

Amazing Heshan® Instant Noodle Production Line in Germany.  

This is an instant noodle production line that makes hot-air-dried hakka noodles. We recently also built a dry noodle plant in Europe, which uses high pressure steamers to precook the noodle blocks before they are dried in a hanging basket dryer.

Specification Summaries Of Heshan® Machines:

Instant Noodle Making Machines & Rice Vermicelli Lines

FBN Serial Deep Fried  Instant Noodles Production Line

DN Serial Hot-air-dried  Ramen Hakka Noodles Production Line

IRV Serial Instant Starch/Rice Vermicelli Processing Line

CFRN Serial Coated Fried/Roasted Nuts Processing Line

Fried & Dried Instant Noodle Machine

In every step of the production process, Heshan uses advanced technology. There are two major types of instant noodle production lines: one uses the deep frying process and the complete set of instant noodle machines is known as fried instant noodles production line; the other uses hot air drying process and the instant noodles machine assembly is called non-fried instant noodles production line. On the other hands, dry rice vermicelli noodles are always produced using hot air drying methods. Heshan is one of the earliest manufacturers to provide automatic instant rice vermicelli machines. If the wet fresh noodles, usually refrigerated are to be sold directly, you can use our fresh instant noodle machines.

🍜 Ramen Instant Noodle Machine

We are fried instant noodle machine manufacturer and our machines use use high temperatures to fry the noodles to remove moisture, making it possible to completely dehydrate the noodles. Moreover, after frying, it also forms a sort of micro-structure on the surface of the noodles, so that the dry noodles are easier to rehydrate when they are brewed in hot water. 

 We have built many turnkey plants with our instant noodle machines installed in China, India and all over the world.

Features Of The Heshan Fried Instant Noodle Processing Machines: 

Fully automatic control system using Siemens PLC.

Heshan instant noodle machines are highly automatic that can produce up to a million cups or bags of instant noodles per day. Only two operators are needed to run a Heshan instant noodle machine assembly.

Both fried instant noodles and non-fried instant noodles must go through the pressing and cutting process during the production process. However, the difference in the final drying method creates the distinction between "fried" and "non-fried". Fried instant noodles are made by steaming and frying shredded noodles to fix the shape of the noodles; non-fried instant noodles are generally made by micro-expanding or hot air drying processes.

From the perspective of production process, the difference between fried and non-fried instant noodle processing is mainly reflected in the "drying" process. The former is frying while the latter uses hot air drying process.

In terms of texture and taste, fried instant noodles, after rehydration have a soft texture and rich flavor; non-fried instant noodles have a light texture and are not oily when eaten. The main nutrients in instant noodles are carbohydrates and protein. Whether it is fried instant noodles or non-fried instant noodles, there is not much difference in the content of these two categories; but there is a difference in moisture content and fat content. The moisture content of fried instant noodles is less than 10% and the fat content is about 20%; the moisture content of non-fried instant noodles is about 14.5% and the fat content is 4%-5%.

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🍲 Dried Instant Noodle Machine

We built several turnkey plants of this type in India, Indonesia and Germany.

Heshan® non-fried instant noodle machine uses hot air to "blow-dry" the precooked noodles instead of frying them. We provide two types of non-fried instant noodle machines: 

One with a drying temperature of around 80 degrees Celsius, used to produce easy-to-cook instant noodles, and the other uses specially designed steaming and drying process to produce instant noodles that can be rehydrated and ready to eat by soaking the dry noodle block in hot water for 5 minutes.

Features of  Heshan heated-air-dried instant noodle machines:

The non-fried dry hakka instant noodle processing machine assembly features the batch high pressure steaming unit operation consists of the steps of dough kneading, dough setting, compound and continuous dough sheet rolling/pressing, noodle strips slitting, noodle strips length cutting and noodle blocks boxing, steaming trays stacking, batch pressure cooking, heated-air-drying, cooling, finally packaging.  The complete set of the hakka noodle machine is either fully automated such as dough making and noodle strips cutting, or manually assisted mechanized operation like the loading the layer stacks of noodle tray arrays into the pressure cookers.

In the dry hokka noodle machine assembly, flour and water are mixed, and after automatic dough making, dough resting, compound pressing and continuous rolling to form the dough sheet, which is cut into noodle shreds and automatically put inside the plastic boxes; after stacking, they are sent into the high pressure steamers of the instant noodle machine assembly. After steaming for 2 or 3 Minutes, the stretchiness and flexibility of the steamed noodles are significantly increased and products are more thoroughly sterilized, extending the shelf life. After the noodles are steamed, they are placed in the metal noodle boxes, which carry the noodles into the heated-air dryer for drying. The drying time is about 40 minutes. Output capacity of one hakka instant noodle dryer is from 250 kg to 1200 kg per hour.

Due to the use of autoclave cooking instant noodle machine, the degree of ɑ gelatinization is effectively improved. The product has a beautiful appearance, is slightly yellowish and semitransparent; the re-hydrated or cooked noodles have an elastic and refreshing texture; the noodle soup is not muddy and highly appetizing.

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Extruded Instant Noodles Making Machine

🍛 Rice Vermicelli  & Italian Pasta Extruder

This is our recent Turnkey plant in Myanmar featuring the vermicelli extruder with quick-remount mechanism for die plate assembling. We make modern pasta extruders that are suitable for Asian rice vermicelli and ramen noodles making, as well as for Italian spaghetti and macaroni pasta production.

Similar process is used to make East Indian dry rice ada flake and We built the world's first automatic rice ada factory in Kerala, India:

▶️ Watch on YouTube our Indian rice ada line showcase video. 

Extruders can process almost all grains and are used as starch/rice noodle processing machines,  starch/rice vermicelli machines, as well as the wheat flour ramen instant noodles making machines. The extrusion type noodle processing machine uses a twin-screw extruder to press a dough of wheat flour, starch, rice flour and various grain to pass a die to form different types of noodles. Heshan® extrusion type rice noodle processing machines assembly is a automated processing line to make rice vermicelli noodles, rice sticks, and instant rice noodles from  granular rice and other grains. 

The die plates of the extruders of our rice vermicelli machines and rice noodles making machines can be quickly disassembled and assembled from the side installation port. Most our competitors require manual removal of several screws from the bottom before the rice noodle making machine die plate can be removed. Disassembly and assembly are very labor-intensive (it takes about 1 Hour). Our rice noodle making machine extruders are equiped with an easy-to-pull-out die plate and a special pulling-out-mechanism that can automatically replace the rice noodle making machine extruder die plate. The procedure can be completed in about 10 minutes. The rice noodle making machine extruder dies are often clogged with the feed debris so that die plate needs to be replaced regularly. Therefore, rice noodle factories urgently need to solve this problem. Our rice noodle extruders with the easy-to-pull-out die plates were developed under this situation.

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🍝 Fresh Instant Noodles Making Machine

Heshan provides the fresh, dry and fried instant noodles making machines. Our fresh instant noodle processing machines include automatic feeding machine, vacuum or normal pressure dough mixing machine, precooking machines of continuous steaming or boiling, and cooling machine. The process is fully automatic. 

The fresh noodles produced by our fresh instant noodle processing machines are fresh, refreshing and nicely chewy.

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Recent Heshan® Turnkey Noodle Plants

▶️ Heshan® Instant Noodle Turnkey Plants & Other Food Processing Machines Projects

▶️ Heshan Recent Turnkey Plants

Recent projects: rice vermicelli / rice stick noodles production line featuring vermicelli noodle extruders with the quick remount die plate; instant noodles production line that makes high-pressure precooked dry hakka noodles; coated fried peanuts lines; fresh noodles production line, and more...  

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🥜 Japanese Coated Peanuts Frying Machine, Coated Fried Peanuts Production Line

▶️ Coated-and-fried Japanese Peanuts Processing Line

🌐 Coated Fried Peanuts Processing Line Homepage

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Heshan brand centrifugal peanut coating machine and coated peanut frying machine - the automatic peanut coating processing line is a complete set of snack coating and frying machines, ie., coated peanut machines that uses nut kernels as raw materials, applying coating and frying through fully automatic continuous frying machine to produce high quality snacks. This automatic peanuts snack coating and deep-frying processing line is designed for making crunchy coated peanuts, Turkish Cips Fistik, Japanese-style peanuts (also known as Japanese peanuts or cracker nuts widely known in the Spanish-speaking world as Cacahuates Japoneses or Maní Japonés), Indonesian Borrelnootje fried peanuts, Indian spiced coated fried peanuts, Philippine Nagaraya cracker nuts, Thai Koh-Kae peanuts and American beer nuts. 


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⚙️ Extruded Non-Fried Instant Noodles Production Line Turnkey Plant

▶️ Extruded Non-Fried Instant noodles production Line

Heshan extrusion non-fried instant noodles production line integrates automatic dough kneading, feeding, and AI controlled extrusion. The complete process, including noodle cooling and conveying, automatic strip cutting, automatic lifting and conveying are all under centralized PLC automatic control. The process features humidification before length cutting, automatic drying, automatic noodles placement in drying boxes and pneumatic noodle block shaping. This instant noodles production line automatically makes non-fried instant noodles from material feeding to finished product delivery and packaging. 

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Yee mee crispy fried noole production line is our another complete set of equipment. Heshan yee mee crispy fried noodle production lines are mostly made of SUS304 stainless steel and are equiped with the automatic control system of international famous brands.