Heshan® Rice Noodle Machine: Starch/Rice Vermicelli Machine & Production Line

Extruded Starch/Rice Vermicelli Noodle Production Line

Instant Rice Vermicelli Production Line

Fresh Rice Jelly Noodle (Ho Fun) Machines

Folding-Bundled Rice Vermicelli & Rice Stick Machines: Steamed-Pellet Extrusion Process

IRV Serial Instant Rice Vermicelli Noodle Production Line: Heat Extruding Type Rice Noodle Machines

Stone Milling Method Fresh Rice Jelly Noodle Machines

Instant Rice Vermicelli Production Line uses rice or corn, potato or bean starch as raw material

Extruding Production Systems 

Extruders can process almost all grains and are used as starch/rice noodle machines,  starch/rice vermicelli machines, and wheat flour ramen instant noodle machine. The extrusion type noodles machine uses a twin-screw extruder to press a dough of wheat flour, starch, rice flour and various grain to pass a die to form different types of noodles.

During the process, the dough reaches the temperature that makes itself being matured and ready for extrusion, forming a continuous sheet or noodle strips. The products that have completed this step are fully cooked and are edible. However, drying equipment is needed to dry the semi-finished products at medium or low temperatures to remove excess moisture. Using this twin-screw extrusion process, a variety of products including non-fried instant noodles, easy-to-cook instant noodles, instant rice noodles, etc. can be produced, by changing the raw material formula and molding auxiliary equipment.

Compared with other processes, Heshan's extrusion type noodles production line has the following advantages:

The rice noodle machine futures the extruder with quick-mounting mechanism for die plate assembling and can produce different types of pasta products such as Asian starch/rice vermicelli, glass noodles, instant rice noodles, instant ramen noodles, wheat flour and rice spaghetti and macaroni pasta etc.  

The die plates of the extruders of our rice vermicelli machines and rice noodle machines can be quickly disassembled and assembled from the side installation port. Most our competitors require manual removal of several screws from the bottom before the rice noodle machine die plate can be removed. Disassembly and assembly are very labor-intensive (it takes about 1 Hour). Our rice noodle machine extruders are equiped with an easy-to-pull-out die plate and a special pulling-out-mechanism that can automatically replace the rice noodle machine extruder die plate. The procedure can be completed in about 10 minutes. The rice noodle machine extruder dies are often clogged with the feed debris so that die plate needs to be replaced regularly. Therefore, rice noodle factories urgently need to solve this problem. Our rice noodle extruders with the easy-to-pull-out die plates were developed under this situation. 

Starch Vermicelli Machine & Production Line

We are instant rice noodle machine, rice, corn, patato and mung bean starch vermicelli machine and wheat instant noodle production line. Our instant rice noodle machine, rice vermicelli machine, glass noodle machine, corn, patato and mung bean starch cellophane vermicelli machine and production line are the equipment for the continuous production process of pre-cooked cellophane vermicelli glass noodle convenience foods using rice or starch from corn, patato, sweet potato and casava as as the main raw material.

Heshan Rice Noodle Machine, Starch/Rice Vermicelli Machine And Production Line Showcase Videos

▶️ Rice Stick Noodle Production Line

We are among the earliest of providers of the rice noodle machine and the rice stick noodles line. After the rice stick noodles are extruded they are steamed. Then the noodles are hanged on the hangers and dehydrated by hot air. The drying process is under comparatively lower temperature. The Heshan Rice Stick Noodle Line produces Rice stick noodles through a series of process from semi-automatic to highly automatic. Please Read More...

▶️ Corn/Bean/Potato Vermicelli Line

When corn, bean, potato, rice starch, or other starch are used as the raw material the resulting products are transparent cellophane noodles. This is a highly automatic processing line featuring a robot mechanical arm to stock up the noodles before they are dried. Read More...

▶️ Fresh Rice Noodle Making Machine

The Heshan fresh rice noodle machine automatically produce fresh rice noodle strips or rolls through the following series of process of the fresh instant noodle production line. The steaming machine is the central part the the assembly of the fresh rice noodle machines. Read More...

▶️ Dried Rice Instant Noodle Production Line

This is the fine dried instant rice noodle machine that uses rice as raw material and produces snow-white and flexible instant rice vermicelli. The instant rice vermicelli is semi-transparent. We make vermicelli processing lines two types lines, namely the Dried Rice Vermicelli Instant Noodle Production Line by Rice Noodle Extruding Process and the Dried Rice Vermicelli Instant Noodle Production Line by rice noodle shredding process. Read More...

Automatic Fresh Lai Rice Noodle Production Line

Our automatic fresh rice jelly noodle production line (rice noodle machine) makes lai rice noodles, also known as Laksa rice noodles, Asam rice noodles, Katong Laksa rice noodles, or Udon rice noodles. Firstly the rice is soaked in the soaking tanks; and then the rice is sent to the rice noodle machine miller to prepare a rice slurry; thirdly, the slurry is extruded from the self-heated lai rice noodle machine extruder to form round shaped lai rice noodles; finally the lai noodles are cooked in a steamer, quenched in cold water after steaming and the lai noodles are ready for packaging. If you are interested in our rice noodle machine please feel free to contact us now. HD versions of our showcase videos are also on:

▶️ Heshan YouTube Channel