We Provide High Quality Inexpensive Conveyors

We Provide China's Quality Economic Conveyor - Inexpensive Conveyor but not Cheap Conveyor!

Heshan Machinery Co., Ltd., China is happy to provide quality conveyor at highly competitive price - the cheap conveyor means less expensive and is not inferior in any aspects. Our conveyor, according to the mode of operations, can be divided into: rubber belt conveyor, screw conveyor, bucket elevators, roller conveyor, metering conveyor, plate chain conveyor, belt conveyor and chain conveyor. All our conveyor are functionally compatible to those big names such as Hytrol and Flexlink with equal material and workmanship. High Quality Economic Conveyor are Inexpensive Conveyor, not Cheep Conveyor Device.

All our conveyor are of variable directions. They are flexible to change the transport direction and the maximum adjustable range can reach 180 degrees. Most of our conveyor are modular, that is, each one unit can be used independently; multiple units can be coupled to use and easy to install. Some of our conveyor are retractable and when they are expanded they can be 3 time longer than when they are retracted.

The belt conveyor device are the most important transportation and bulk materials handling equipment; inexpensive conveyor can be widely used in industrial applications in mining, metallurgy, building materials, chemicals, electric power, food processing, in mining of coal and metal ore, steel companies, ports, cement factories and other places. Based on the location, work environment, different types of materials, there are large varieties of in their design and applications.

If you have a project with limited fund, please feel free to contact us. We do not make cheap conveyor device; we make high quality and inexpensive conveyor; they are economic conveyor with exceptionally good quality.