Instant Noodle Production Line Unit Operation

The operation process of the instant noodle making is to mix flour and water to make a dough, then press the dough into a continuous thin sheet and cut it into noodles; then pre-cook the noodles, and shape them into noodle blocks. Finally dehydrate the noodle blocks either by means of flash frying or hot air drying. Read more...

There are several types of instant noodle production lines (complete sets of industrial instant noodle machines) available in the market. The machines are designed to produce instant noodles in large quantities. The machines can be used to produce both fried and non-fried instant noodles. The production process involves mixing, maturing, steaming, cutting, frying, cooling, and packaging. This website is designated to help you to select the right type of instant noodles making machine that meet you need in the highly competitive food market.

If you are interested in purchasing an instant noodle machine, you can explore the range of machines available on this Heshan official website. We offer a variety of instant noodle production lines for your fried instant noodles plant, non-fried instant noodles plant, stick noodles plant, and pasta processing plant.

Alternatively, you can also check out our instant noodle production lines and instant noodle making machines on Heshan Official YouTube Channel to see the Heshan the instant noodles plant equipment in operation in real life. You can see the actual running of the complete set of instant noodles making machine that includes flour, salt, food additives and water measuring machine and mixer, double shaft and double speed dough mixing machine, disc dough maturing machine, compound calendering machine, multi-layer noodle steaming machine, square noodle cutting and dividing machine, deep fryer, air cooler, conveyor.

Heshan® instant noodle production lines (instant noodles making machine assemblies) are the equipment for the continuous production process of pre-packaged convenience food noodles and vermicelli using wheat flour, rice or starch as the main raw materials, with or without auxiliary materials. The Heshan complete set of industrial noodle machines is equipment consists of individual noodle machines. We make both the fried instant noodle production line and the non-fried (heated air drying process) instant noodles production line. More About Heshan Food Processing Lines...

Industrial Noodle Machine Unit I - Dough Kneading

This is to Mix flour with water, stir and knead to make a dough. Kneading is an important part of noodle making to create structure and strength in the dough. Flour contains two types of proteins that combine to form gluten. After the ingredients are mixed, the gluten protein particls are knotted together to creates the elastic texture in the dough. We provide both the vaccume dough mixer and the normal pressure dough mixer. This is the first step of the process of operation on the complete set of industrial noodle machines.

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Industrial Noodle Machine Unit II - Aging

The short rest is to allow the liquid in the dough to redistribute. It helps ensure good hydration of the flour and improves gluten structure. As the dough rests, its characteristics change from loose and soft to firm and elastic, making it easier to work with in the subsequent stages of rolling the dough into continuous sheets and cutting into noodle strips. This process step improves the quality of the raw materials over time and is a continuation of the kneading process. .

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Instant Noodle Machine Unit III - Calendering

The purpose of calendering is to enhance the uniform distribution of the gluten network structure in the dough and shape the dough into a continuous dough sheet. The dough enters a pre-press and is pressed into thick sheets, which are then further processed in a compound calender where the continous sheet is thinned. A series of continuous rollers press the dough sheet to the desired thickness.

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Instant Noodle Machine Unit IV - Noodle Shredding

This piece of equipment is the relative rotational movement of paired cutters with concave and convex grooves with mutually meshing and equal spacing, the dough sheet are cut into longitudinal noodles.

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Industrial Noodle Machine Unit V - Cooking

When raw noodles are heated for a certain period of time, the starch in the noodles will be gelatinized by the heat, that is, the starch in the beta state will be transformed into the alpha state on the complete set of industrial noodle machines. At the same time, the protein in the raw noodles is denatured by heat. This makes the noodles become cooked. Process requirements: The alpha degree of fried instant noodles is above 85%.

Steamer is the standard instant noodle cooking machine. We provide both multi-layer steamers and single-layer steamers. Boiling cookers may also be used in fresh instant noodle making and Yee Mee instant noodle processing.

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Industrial Noodle Machine Unit VI - Noodle Length Cutting and Placement Noodles in Trays

The cooked noodles coming out of the instant noodle steaming machine are cut to set lengths, folded in half to form square noodle blocks or converted into round shape; and then the noodle blocks are arranged in rows and sent to boxes, known as noodle trays to be ready to transfer to the deep frying machine or the heated air dryer.

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Instant Noodle Machine Unit VII - Optional Deep Frying

Place the quantitatively cut noodle blocks in the closed space formed by the noodle trays with lids, and continuously pass the noodles through the high-temperature oil tank. Water in the noodle blocks is quickly vaporized, forming porous structures in the noodles; and during the process, the gelatinization degree of the starch in noodles is stabilize, and the shape of noodle blocks are fixed; and the protein is deeply denatured, then the flavor of the noodles is improved.

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Industrial Noodle Machine Unit VIII - Optional Heated Air Drying

Optionally the dehydration of precooked noodles takes place in the heated air dryer. It is said that hot-air-dried instant noodles are healthier than fried instant noodles. We provide advanced modern multi-layer continuous dryers witch takes much smaller space. Some processes may also use the batch operation dryer for the complete set of industrial noodle machines.

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Instant Noodle Making Machine Unit IX - Cooling

Cooling the neatly arranged noodle blocks after deep frying or hot-air drying, making the final products to be ready for packaging. This machine is the final step of the operation before packaging on the instant noodle processing line.

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Instant Noodle Machine Unit X - Packaging

Now the final products are ready for inspection and packaging. We provide the complete set of industrial noodle machines including the conveying and packing system. However, may also elect to purchase and install your own favorite instant noodle packaging line.

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