Belt Conveyor

Belt Conveyor

The Belt Conveyor is coherence passing on gadget driven by rubbing driver. It created by the edge, bearer roller and transmission gadget and so forth.

Sports and application run

Belt transport is a transportation hardware to be broadly utilized as a part of divisions of compound, coal, metallurgy, mining, building materials, electric power, light industry, sustenance, activity and transportation and so on. it is appropriate for passing on the different mass material, for example, granular, powder which free thickness is in 0.5-2.5t/m3, and bits of products too.

Choice of belt speed

1) Should be chosen a higher belt speed when it is a greater passing on the limit and more extensive transport line.

2) Should be selected a higher belt speed when it is a more drawn out level transport; when the transport point is bigger, transmission separation is shorter, then the belt speed ought to be lower.

3) If the material is anything but difficult to scroll, large granularity, solid rubbed, or simple to clean and popularity for subjective wellbeing conditions, then to choose the lower belt speed will be better.

4) Commonly, if utilized as a part of bolstering or passing on the material with expansive tidy, the belt speed can utilize 0.8-1m/s, or choice concurring the attributes of material and process necessity.

5) The belt speed ought not to be more than 1.25m/s. At the point when the weighing and loading is by labor.

6) The belt speed ought not to be more than 2.0m/s when the furrow dischargeis utilized.

7) The belt speed ought not to be more than 2.5m/s when the releasing auto is utilized, and when it is passing on the material after fine granulating or little pieces, the belt speed can be 3.15 m/s.

8)The belt speed ought to be comparable with the prerequisites of programmed amounts' scale when there is MWBL.

9)Commonly, the belt speed ought to be less than1.25m/s.when it is passing on bits of merchandise

Choice of transport line

The belt utilized as a part of the belt transport there is an elastic belt, flexible belt, steel belt, metal work belt et cetera, the generally one is an elastic belt. There are numerous sorts of elastic belt, for example, cotton center, manufactured fiber center, steel link center and so forth. There is layer center and full center contrast for the plastic transport. The different center materials and distinctive cover gum can be made up of various sorts of smooth or designed transport line.

Belt: Product Description

     The belt conveyor is continuity conveying device driven by friction driver. It composed by frame, carrier roller and transmission device etc. Belt conveyor is widely used in the world more than hundreds of years. It has many advantages like stability transportation, lower noise, simple structure, easy to maintain and less consumption etc. Common used of belt materials have PVC, PU, Teflon and Nylon etc, it is able to works in temperature from -30℃ to +60℃.


Inner Radius (mm) 400 ~ 1,000

Conveying Effected Width (mm) 200 ~ 1,200

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