Automatic Snack Coating Machine

The automatic snack coating machine is for the coating snack foods such as: peanut, green beans, broad beans, melon seeds, cashews, macadamia nuts and etc. which to be wrapped with flour before frying or baking processing.  The surface is made of various recipes of liquid and wrapping flour.

(wrapped flour, starch, cake flour, seasoning powder and other mixed powder) evenly or unevenly wrapped on the nuts, after baking or frying, to achieve the outer crispy while the inner kernel is full of aroma. It can also be wrapped in different flavors (spicy, cumin, tomato, barbecue, mustard, chocolate, etc.), changing the nut flavor and taste but rich variety to satisfy people's individual needs for nut products.

From the information we known and the market research analysis, the consumer group of wrapping flour products is constantly growing. At present, the mainly flour coating processing is the traditional rolling pot, manually control the amount of water and mixed powder to complete the production, it requests high requirements on workers' operation skills, high labor demand but low output, inconsistent effect of finished products and might cause the unstable quality.

In response to the above issues, our company has developed a fully automatic powder wrapping system, which adopts a fully automatic processing control operation of quantitative feeding, powder feeding, liquid feeding, automatic coating and material discharge. After inputting the process and lock on the ingredient ratio, the PLC program is fully automatic control. Simple operation with high production efficiency, the quality is more stable and large output, which can effectively solve the problems in traditional process production.