Multi-flex Conveyor

Multi-flex Conveyor

Heshan Brand Multi-Flexing conveyor is an automatic conveying system which is composed by Aluminum Alloy or SUS shaped beam, Elbow, Driven Unit and POM plastic chain plate.

Multi-Flexing: Product Description

"Flex" originates from "Multi-Flexing," Heshan Brand Multi-Flex transport is a program passing on a system which is formed by Aluminum Alloy, or SUS molded pillar, Elbow, Driven Unit and POM plastic chain plate. These multi-flexing transport frameworks utilize flexible connection in various arrangements, for example, X45, X65, X85, X105 and X180 and so on. The plan of the connection accomplished the resulting of multi-layer, multi-points, and multi-bends, the width of transport can be minimized to 150mm in range to spare space; itutilizes photoelectric sensor or mechanical plug adaptable meet or occupying materials. The multi-flexing transport framework is reasonable for an extensive variety of computerized passing on operations, for example, sustenance, electronic, mechanical extras, day by day wears and pharmaceutical and so on.

Multi-Flex: Characters

1. It works in various approaches to passing on materials, for example, bracing, hanging, holding and pushing and so forth base on the normal for materials;

2. It gives a0~90°incline &decline conveying,0~180° turning around passing on, even passing on, masterminding passing on, lifting passing on, merge or occupying passing on base on the diverse necessities of item innovation;

3. It gives boundless capacity and cooling space with constrained site space;

4. It is anything but difficult to pass on Tin can, glass drinks container or moment noodle container for various pressing.

Multi-Flex: Selecting the Right Chain Material

The base connection parts of the chain have a similar shape and similar specialized properties. Five various materials are utilized. The standard material is acetal resin(POM). Two different sorts of acetal resinare utilized:

- POM A: Acetal resin with silicone added substance

- POM-B: Acetalresin, silicone free

- Quality value at 20°C

Multi-Flex Parameters & Drive Units Specification

Chain width, mm       35 ~ 175

Maximal permitted load

(per link/Kg)       0.1 ~ 5

Conveyor platform    X, S, XK, XL, XS, XT compatible series  

We will send Dimension Table and Specification upon request

Multi-flexing Plastic Conveyor


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Multi-flexing Plastic Conveyor